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Free Printable Coloring Pun Bookmarks, and Some New Products in the Shop!

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FREE Printable Coloring Pun Bookmarks!

We’ve just added a new freebie to the freebie library (find out how to access this freebie at the bottom of this post): some fun coloring bookmarks! You can print them out at home or at a print shop, then cut them out, color them in with your favorite markers, colored pencils, crayons, or whatever you have nearby. Then use them to mark your place in your current book!

We had a lot of fun making these and hopefully coloring in all the little stripes and details will keep you busy for awhile. We have heard coloring is good for focus and meditation, so enjoy!

In other news, we’ve got some brand new enamel pins in the shop! I’ve been planning to make some enamel pins for over a year now but apparently there was some procastination going on there. Check them out!

Significant Otter and Corgi - Enamel pins, lapel pins, flair, kawaii animal pins


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