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New Freebie! Stoat Desktop Wallpaper

We have a brand new freebie for you this month, just a little stoat desktop & phone wallpaper! Stoats are one of the cutest animals ever. It’s even cute they even have a separate name for when it’s in its fancy white winter coat (ermine). The stoat on our wallpaper is definitely in its summer outfit right now since it’s September. Get your wallpaper by signing up for our e-mail list at the bottom of this page! 😻

Free Adorably Cute Stoat Desktop Wallpaper! For computers, ipads, and devices.


Funny Stoat Love or Anniversary CardI had such fun creating this “Stoatally Yours” pun card for the shop, I knew it had to be a desktop pattern freebie too. We’ve got lots of new goodies for sale in the shop this month, we’re rolling out mugs, tees, tote bags and more. Stay tuned, and check out our new releases here!

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