Lockdown Essentials

These are tough times so I wanted to write a post about all the products we've been making lately to help support you guys right now.

During these quarantine times, getting a little bit of snail mail can really help. Stay in touch with your loved ones with any of our punderful greeting cards, but I designed this card especially with those folks you super duper miss during this lockdown. 

Wish you were on my quaran-TEAM! If you have a friend, family member, or significant other you really miss, this is the card for them

Cards are awesome, but what's even better? A whole gift box of mystery goodies!! I hope this goodie box will help spread some cheer right now. If you need a pick-me-up, or know someone who could use a care package, this is the perfect cheerful goodie box. It's packed with positive messages, compliments, fun and colorful products, and even some activities. We're starting out with a limited number of these so act fast if you want one! ⁠⠀

Lastly, the CDC now recommends everyone wear cloth mask face coverings so if you gotta run an errand during the quarantine, do it in style with this cute kitty cat neck gaiter. It's a versatile accessory that can also be used as a face covering, headband, bandana, wristband, and neck warmer.


I also wanted to let you know what we're doing here at Tiny Bee Cards HQ to keep ourselves and our community safe. We're currently working from home, fully quarantined, and making quarantinis. Your orders are shipping out as usual (within 1-3 days for cards, pins, magnets, and stickers) thanks to USPS pickups!

The printer that we work with to create mugs, tees, and neck gaiters is currently not at full capacity so those items are taking longer than usual, usually 2-3 weeks recently. 

Also please keep in mind that a lot of shipping is slower in general due to the pandemic, and so items may take some additional transit time. 

Thank you guys so much for supporting small business during this time, and stay safe!

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