New Orleans Trip

Here's a quick update about our recent trip to New Orleans! We took some time off to get away from the smoky air from the fires in LA in October and also to explore a new city. We had a blast! The food was incredible, we got to hold a baby gator, saw a lot of art and museums, and took advantage of being able to get cocktails to go. 😆

Here's a couple pics from our trip, and check my story highlight on instagram to see the rest! ⁠

The sculpture garden at New Orleans Museum of Art was so pretty. 

We went on a swamp tour and saw alligators chillin in the wild, plus we got to hold a baby gator!

Isn't he soo cute? I'm ready to adopt him. 

Then we came across this gator and this raccoon (upper left) who was like, oh hey. 

Ultimately though, the marshmallows were just more important. Priorities!

The guide said that the gators were starting to hibernate and weren't interested in Raccoon snacks so that's good.

Then we went to Mardi Gras World where they make floats and looked at their process for making them and the warehouse of old floats. So awesome!

I didn't get many good food pics I guess because I was too busy eating them, but the food was basically the best ever. But here's a pic of beignets I managed to get before taking a bite. You're welcome 😂

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