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I drew and sent this art postcard today to the realART October postcard show in support of the post office and to help raise funds for ActBlue (more info here if you want to submit your own original artwork before Sept. 30!)

I’m also releasing this postcard printable for free so you can download it to send it to a friend, buy stamps and support the USPS in the process, download it here or tap the graphic above! Plus everything you purchase through the Tiny Bee Cards shop ships via USPS and supports them as well!

If you didn't hear about what’s going on, the mail service (including shipping for our cards, stickers and goodies) is currently taking much longer than usual to deliver mail after the new postmaster has stated they would be slowing down the mail. If getting timely and affordable mail is important to you, the best thing you can do is call your representatives and let them know! They really start paying attention when calls flood in and the pressure has already made a big difference and the new postmaster has been subpoenaed for information about his changes. We’re also sending letters to the new postmaster and to the postmaster governors to help put more pressure on them to reverse the changes. ⁠

The USPS is so important for so many reasons. Small businesses like mine couldn’t exist without them (their competitors charge up to about 40x for lightweight items compared to a USPS stamp), and so many people depend on them for delivering life-saving medications, delivering checks, and much more. The mail system will also be crucial for many to be able to vote during the pandemic. ⁠

Not to mention how wonderful it’s been during the quarantine (and always) to get happy mail from friends or from handmade shops and artists! ⁠

If you want to help, can help you locate your reps! You can also text “USPS” to 50409 and this will generate a letter to your local reps urging them to support Rep. Maloney's Delivering for America Act.

Want to do even more? Here's a helpful list of even more meaningful actions you can take to help. We hope you'll join us 💌⁠ 

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