It's Here! Our Shop Small Gift Guide 2019

Looking for the perfect holiday gift and want to support small and handmade businesses? We got you covered! Here's our top 14 favorite gifts for the holidays this year. Mostly animals and food stuff, because you know, animals and food. 

1. 1" Bananadog Hard Enamel Pin by Crowlines on Etsy, $12

Banana Dog by Crowlines on Etsy

2. Garden Cat Sticker Pack of 5 by HeidirooArt on Etsy, $15

3. Our Churray Churro Sticker by TinyBeeCards on Etsy, $4.50

4. Watermelon Mug Colorful Ceramic Tea Cup by RyabaVoshCeramics on Etsy, $27+

Watermelon Mug

5. Seal Cards and Prints by HeatherSoodakArt on Etsy, $5+

6. Egg Cat Necklace by ilikeCATSshop on Etsy, $33.50

Egg Cat Necklace

7. Wolf Vinyl Sticker by studiotuesday on Etsy, $2.20

8. Our Significant Otter Enamel Pin for your SO on Etsy, $10

Significant Otter Enamel Pin

9. Black and White Happy Cat Mug with Tail on Handle by BeardBangs on Etsy, $38.54

Black and White Happy Cat Mug with Tail on Handle

10. Clever Gull Patch by helloDODOshop on Etsy, $8.04

11. Aquarium – Magnificent fish ring by GeschmeideUnterTeck on Etsy, $97.53

Aquarium Ring

12. Shiba Inu Ice Cream by doggiedrawings on Etsy, $10

13. Wool Felted Paw Ring (Black or White) by CissyPixie on Etsy, $18

14. And don't forget one of our holiday pun cards to go with your gift!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission for any purchase made through this link at no extra cost to you.




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