Shop Update: New Pun Cards ✏️

shop update

Our latest shop update is all about cards! 

We've been loving houseplants so we've got a new happy monstera leaf friendship card in the shop. I don't have a monstera plant just yet, but I want one! I always swear I won't buy a new plant everytime I head to the nursery since I have so many, but then I usually can't help it and end up taking home a new plant... whoops!! Who's with me on that one?

We've also got a new churro birthday card in, I really enjoyed drawing these happy churros. We always love getting the churro at Disneyland, and while my Disneyland pass is blocked out for the summer, I'm so looking forward to getting one when I get back (and finally seeing Star Wars land, of course)!

There's also our new happy bloody mary birthday card, and I'm definitely eyeing those pickles, olives, and celery. I always see people leaving their garnishes behind, and I'm always like, what the heck, who leaves yummy snacks behind like that? But maybe I'm the only one :P

And finally we have our dragon pun card, hot for you! This cute little dragon breathes fire and so couldn't be any hotter. Plus we've got matching buttons for each card. Check them all out! 

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