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It's time for us to start updating our catalog for the new year, so I wanted to write a little bit about how I do that! 

Tiny Bee Cards 2023 Wholesale Catalog Cover

I work in InDesign for my catalogs, which makes it easy to visualize how the layout will be and to set certain styles across all the pages (like page numbers, etc.)

I start with my previous catalog, which I had previously set up with meticulous grids, guides and style guides. So even though the first catalog took longer to set up, the good news is it gets faster from there! Although last year I decided to move to a larger catalog size so that I could have bigger pictures, and it was a lot of work to rearrange everything. 

Then I take stock of everything new that I created for my shop all year, and take a look at anything that's not selling so that I can remove those items from my catalog to make room for what's new. I often place those items on clearance in my shop so that I can physically have room for what's new in my tiny studio office, as well! 

Tiny Bee Cards 2023 Wholesale Catalog Layout
Then I just spend some time deleting old items I want to discontinue, and adding everything new, updating some of the larger items with some more recent photos I've taken over the year, and decide on a new cover photo. This year, I updated some of the fonts and colors to keep it new and fresh.
Catalog design process
Then when I'm happy with the final design, I save out a PDF and send it to our printing partner, Printing Center USA. We chose the matte paper option with a nice thicker cover this year and I love the result. If you're looking for catalog printing, check them out through our link and get 15% discount on your first order. It's always so fun to see our designs in print when they arrive. 

Thanks for being here!
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