How we make our stickers✨

Stickers are fun, affordable little pieces of artwork! We love making them and if you're an artist or designer you might be thinking about creating them too. 

Here's how we do it! 

I start in the Procreate app on my iPad and make some sketches. First I loosely sketch out my idea. 

Sketching process

After that, I export that sketch and then import it into Illustrator on my iPad to create the design in vector on a new layer. I usually afterwards open the file on my computer to finalize the colors, adjust some of the lines, and add some textures if I'm using any. 

Illustrator art process

Then, it's ready to make into a sticker! We hand make some of our stickers with our cricut machine by printing with the cricut software onto waterproof vinyl, then once it's printed I put another layer of clear waterproof vinyl on top so that it's more durable. Then the cricut cuts it out for me. Here's a picture of my cricut working on some stickers for my Patrons.

Cricut in progress

Be Nice To Me Bunny Vinyl Sticker

We also sometimes order them from Sticker Mule when we need a large number of custom stickers in bulk, or if we need them to be extra dishwasher safe! They're strong, weatherproof and they don't budge in the dishwasher.

Be Nice to Me Bunny Vinyl Stickers

Then, enjoy those fun stickers!! It's so fun to see your work in print❤️


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